First blossoms on seedlings of M- cross

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First blossoms on seedlings of M- cross

Beitrag von Monika Gottschalk » 12.11.2010, 16:15

Four seedlings out of my M- cross have surprised me with early blossoms. M1 was not taller than 60cm, when we noticed the Y, M2 was somewhat larger and has now the size of a handy tree, M3 and M4 have now a size of 1,20m.

When I made this cross, the important factor for me was the color, SB - resistance and a special flower shape. For that reason, my favorite seedling is M2. She has the true golden yellow color and the shape of the almost pending flowers comes close to what I had hoped to accomplish with this cross.

M1 is a double. Her large almost pending flowers are of a bright true Golden Yellow. It has to be evaluated at least until next fall.


M2 has single flowers but she is my favorite


M3 is the compost candidate even though the flower color is also a true Golden Yellow


M4 is a double. The color will be probably cream/apricot. This seedling also has to be evaluated at least one more year.

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